053 – The State of the Dream Address 2013

As we head into a new year here, it’s only fair that you are provided with an update on how this venture is going. After all, you are the people out there in the world interacting with me, supporting me, investing in me and expecting of me- some of you for most or all of these 23 years. And so you deserve a status update.

You see, a year has passed and it’s easy to look at the accomplishments of the past and pretend that we’ve done a lot. I do not intend to fall prey to that comfort. It’s easy to look at the small victories that we’ve achieved and pretend that they were the goal all along, and that we’re happy with where we’re at. I do not intend to fall prey to that comfort. I do not intend to be happy with where we’re at. I am, as I have been, very happy with, and very excited about, where we’re going. You see, beneath the daily happenings on the outside- the 8 to 5s, the after-hours, the weekend get-togethers- we’ve been working on something bigger. Not necessarily marching the artillery forward, but aiming, tweaking, and setting up the cannon. Because those of you who have taken the time to think through this have realized that we only get one shot- just one- at a meaningful life. But thankfully, it only takes one shot- just one opportunity to really get things right and for everything to line up- and the rest is history.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the goal. And that is the intention. That is the expected result of this run. What you see today is not what you’ll see for long after that. Because we don’t intend to stay in one place and sit back on the comforts that we’ve been blessed with. You see, our blessings are not for our pleasure but for our purpose, and it is a great and mighty purpose that we have. It has to be. Too much time and effort has been put into making you the person you are today for you to just ease off the throttle and kick back at the earliest opportunity.

You see, there are people out there who need us (and by us I mean to include you) to step up and do more than the average person. The need someone to be the example for what they can achieve. If you intend to be happy, why don’t you just decide to set the bar for what it looks like to be happy? If you intend to have some measured amount of success, why don’t you just decide to set the bar for what it looks like to succeed with grace and humility? If you intend to make an impact, why don’t you make such an impact as to be worth the investment that so many others have paid into you so far?

Or to put this in other terms, why should you? I’m going to spoil the surprise here for you. If you’re going to set the pace for being happy in all circumstances, for succeeding with grace and humility, and making an impact worthy of the investment placed in you, it’s going to require a few things. The first is a massive, audacious dream. Anyone who says that it’s dumb to dream big or discourages you from getting your hopes up is someone that is dangerous to your health: RUN. The second requirement for that sort of life is people. We are created as relational creatures, and while you can be happy, successful, and impactful to a certain degree sort of kind of on your own, when you partner up with a pack of rascals with whom you can operate interdependently, the size of those things is exponentially greater. The final thing that hitting those goals will require is your absolute very best. And that’s really simple to justify because to become all that you were created to become, it darn well better take all you’ve got.

All of this is available to you. There is no better time than right now to sit down with yourself and figure out where the path you’re on is leading and if it’s really the path you want to be on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dream is alive and well. And it’s waiting for you to get out there and make it come true. If I don’t see you for twenty years, I want to be able to run into you again and find out that you went out and did everything you ever dreamed you could in a lifetime, and that you’re still finding out there’s so much more to do with the time you have left. That is available to you, and don’t underestimate the significance of that. Take advantage of that opportunity, because not everyone will. Those who don’t may not even realize what they’ve missed out on. But those who do- those who run with their dream and really give it all they’ve got for just long enough- will enjoy a reality that they probably doubted from time to time even truly existed. We’ll look forward to seeing you there.

God Bless,

Jared Schulman

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048 – The Last Men’s Leadership

Tonight I had the privilege of attending live the last Men’s Leadership that The Team will ever host for the foreseeable future. Long story short, it was incredible, and featured absolutely mind-blowing talks from Mark Paul, Kirk Birtles, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, and Orrin Woodward.

Quote highlights in particular from the event include:

“The wise person questions himself. The fool questions others.”

– Henry Arnold (quoted by Mark Paul)

“Your logo is who you are when you walk around.”

– Mark Paul

“All men are prepared to do the incredible if their ideals are threatened.”

– Maya Angelou (quoted by Mark Paul)

Kirk Birtles describing that if you want to succeed, your baseline temperature needs to be 209°, and you need to kick it up to 212° when you’re running for a goal.

“You can’t have convenience and excellence.”

-Claude Hamilton

“The scars you acquire from exercising courage will never make you feel inferior.”

– Claude Hamilton

There were a ton of other great quotes, but I wasn’t able to tweet them all, and I don’t have my notebook next to me to go back and get them. The specific quotes aren’t what I want to talk about here, though.

What I want to talk about is exactly how incredible of an opportunity The LIFE Business really is.

You see, it’s not just that it’s laughably inexpensive, or that the content and rewards blow the competition out of the water. It’s not that the compensation is sickeningly good, or that the mentoring that you get for free just by hanging around the compensated community is worth far more than a four-year college degree from a top-notch University (trust me on that one). It is all of those things, but it isn’t JUST all of those things.

What I’ve been loving about LIFE recently is that when I look around, I see all sorts of people! All sorts! I see big people, small people, people with a lot of melanin, people with barely any melanin, people who use electricity, people who don’t use electricity, people who are biologically capable of carrying babies and people who aren’t, people who remember the Korean War and people who don’t (and people who don’t remember Desert Storm, for that matter), people who wear watches that cost as much as cars, and people who drive cars that they couldn’t trade for watches. What I love about LIFE is that it is absolutely the closest thing in the world to a completely equal-opportunity system, and every time I turn around, the Policy Council is making it more fair and more equal for anyone willing to do the work.

I see more diversity in the LIFE business than I saw at my University, and that’s powerful to me. I believe in equality of opportunity, and I believe that everyone is created equal. The LIFE business is an opportunity that is open to anyone, can benefit anyone, and will produce incredible results for anyone willing to put in the effort necessary. And that’s it. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. No fine print. Nothing. It’s just the best darn stinkin opportunity out there for anyone, and every time I walk into that community, I get excited just knowing how powerful that opportunity is for anyone who sees it.

It’s a great blessing to be affiliated with LIFE, and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the future that LIFE is going to create.

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